About Us

Every Creative Voice Deserves An Audience. Every Curious Mind Deserves Knowledge.

Mootverse is a beacon for Creative Voices and Curious Minds, where everyone has the opportunity to share their perspectives even if their voice is broken.

Why We Exist

A tremendous amount of knowledge is stuck in people's heads. A lot more is only available to privileged groups. Our Mission is to get people to speak up. To talk about the ideas locked in their minds and share those erstwhile available only to a privileged few. Our core objective is to share and grow theworld's abundance of valuable, stimulating, and thought-provoking knowledge.

It matters to us that people have a safe space to do this. That's why we created Mootverse — a safe place where people who want knowledge can connect with people who are yearning to share.

Built Around Stories

The heart of Mootverse is Stories — Stories that guide important life decisions, Stories that demystify historical and recent occurrences, Stories that inspire, Stories that provide valuable insights about how the world works, about why people think the way they think, about what could be and about will be. At Mootverse, we grow stories you'll feel good about reading. We also give you a blank page and challenge you to share your perspective on what's happening and what has happened.

Apolitical and Open To Everyone

Stories on Mootverse are not left-wing, neither are they right-wing. They are not East-leaning, neither are they West-leaning. Our Stories are simply stories; written by everyday men and women who use our platform to share their ideas. We welcome informative stories that promote dynamic and insightful thinking from everyone who wants to share. We encourage both growing and expert voices who dare to dive in and unearth creative ideas from both trending and obscure topics.

We believe real change starts with genuine inquiry and honest conversations. We are here to fire up your impulse to inquire and to talk about ideas.

Mootverse is everybody's place.

Write. Read. Learn.