Terms of Services

General terms and conditions of Mootverse.com for the use of the internet platform Mootverse (hereinafter “GTC”)

1. Scope
The following terms and conditions apply to anyone who registers as a user of the offers on the platform, Mootverse.com, regardless of the point of assessment. The conditions apply to the entire Mootverse.com without any exception.

2. Changes to the terms and conditions
Mootverse reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and the special terms of use. Mootverse will notify users of the change in the terms and conditions by email at least four weeks in advance. The changes are deemed to have been accepted by the user if the user does not object to the changes by email to Support@Mootverse.com within a period of one month after receipt of the notice of the change. If the user objects to the changes, he/she reserves the right to terminate the license agreement in accordance with the appropriate section of these terms and conditions. The original GTC shall continue to apply to legal acts that were carried out before the change. Mootverse will inform the user in the email announcing the changes, of the importance of the four-week period and the legal consequence of his halt.

3. Acknowledgment of the General Terms and Conditions as the basis of the contract of the cooperation partners
Through the application for registration on Mootverse, a usage contract is concluded between Mootverse.com and the user (hereinafter referred to as “user contract”). The user thereby acknowledges the validity of the terms and conditions and the special terms of use as the basis of the usage contract.

4. Registration/ Authorization to use

i. Registration requires that the user; ◦ Transmits the data requested in the registration mask (“registration”) and ◦ Either a natural person with unlimited legal capacity over the age of 18 or a legal person or a trading company in accordance with Mootverse regulations.
ii. The user is obliged to provide complete and correct information. Email addresses or user names chosen by them must not be capable of violating the interests and rights of other users. Multiple registrations are not permitted. However, registered users can change or update their login information at any time.
iii. Upon completing registration, each user receives an individual password. Access to contents/services on the platform is only possible with this password. The user must not disclose the password to third parties and must keep it carefully to prevent misuse.
iv. The user is obliged to inform Mootverse immediately if the password has been lost or if it becomes known by unauthorized third parties. If the user does not provide evidence that a third party has used the access to the platform without his consent, all statements made about the access (e.g. orders) will be attributed to the user. The user is liable for any misuse by third parties unless he can prove that he is not at fault.
v. There is no legal right to register. Mootverse is entitled to refuse registration, based on the conclusion of the usage contract, without giving reasons.
vi. By registering, the user is entitled to take advantage of all offers on the platform. This applies, among other things, to all offers of the “community” of Mootverse (e.g. question community, forums, guest books, comments, newsletters , etc.) and the “blogs” (users write comments on articles by authors).
vii. The use of the offer of the community and the use of chargeable services additionally require that the user has a domicile within unrestricted areas of assessment. The user is obliged to inform Mootverse of a change of residence immediately. The use of these offers also requires providing additional information.

5. Changes and discontinuation of offers of the platform/accessibility
• The user has no right to the provision of the services on the platform. Mootverse reserves the right to change or completely discontinue the offers and URLs of the platform at any time and without giving reasons. This does not give rise to any claims by the user against Mootverse unless expressly stated otherwise in the special conditions.
• Mootverse always endeavors to ensure the proper operation of the platform but is not responsible for the uninterrupted usability or accessibility of the platform and the offers made available there. This applies in particular to technical delays, interruptions or failures of the platform or individual offers.

6. Mootverse liability
For contractual or non-contractual claims, is only liable for damage caused by willful or grossly negligent acts, as well as for damages resulting from slightly negligent violations of such obligations, which only enable the proper execution of a user contract existing with the user concerned and the fulfillment of which the contractual partner therefore fulfills may trust (cardinal duties). In the latter case, liability is limited to the foreseeable damage typical for the contract when the contract was concluded. The above limitations of liability do not apply in the event of injury to life, limb and health, in the scope of the Product Liability Act or in the case of the assumption of explicit guarantees. If Mootverse’s liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of its legal representatives and vicarious agents.

7. Granting of rights of use
• If the user places texts, images or other content (hereinafter collectively “content”) on the platform (e.g. within the framework of community offers such as contents, forums, guest books or comments), he/she grants Mootverse the right to this free of charge and save them indefinitely, in terms of content and location, within the scope of the respective offer and all from Mootverse or the Mootverse publishing group location, offers operated as well as partner offers and social networks (Facebook, Twitter and others) to be made available free of charge, to be edited, saved and printed out and to be offered in online, print and other media to use.
• Use for advertising purposes (e.g. advertisements) requires the consent of th respective author. The aforementioned rights remain with Mootverse even after termination or other termination of the usage contract.
• By setting the content, the user guarantees that he has the rights granted herewith that there are no conflicting rights of third parties and that he does not yet have any other disposal over the rights to the content that is granted under Mootverse and the named companies contract.
• Mootverse would not act contrary to these terms and conditions upon discovering persons under the age of 18 have obtained the consent of their legal guardian to operate on the platform.
• Mootverse assumes no liability for unsolicited content.

8. No obligation to check the content of the user responsibility of the user for the content
• Mootverse is not obliged to check in advance the correctness, completeness and legality of the content of the users, especially in the community area. Mootverse does not endorse the content of the users or the content on third party websites fused by links. Mootverse is not liable for damage caused by or due to the use of this content. If Mootverse is advised of violations of the law through external or linked content, Mootverse will delete or block the corresponding content or links after checking the allegation of illegality.
• The user/author is responsible for ensuring that the content is original and does contain references (if need be) to the pages without infringing or working against: ◦ the rights of third parties and/or ◦ legal or official prohibitions and/or ◦ manners and codes of conduct on the Internet. • In particular, the user may not load, save, distribute, present, make publicly available, publish and refer to or link to the content of Mootverse without proper referencing.
• Users are not allowed to violate or impair personal rights or property rights of third parties and/or pursue commercial or other advertising purposes without consent from Mootverse.
• On no account should users promote obscene, offensive, defamatory, objectionable, violent, pornographic, harassing, unsuitable for minors, racist, hateful to the people, xenophobic, right-wing radical or otherwise objectionable on Mootverse. Failure to abide by this would amount to an instant withdrawal of registration.
• Users shouldn’t upload files, links or docs containing viruses, Trojans, circumvention devices within the meaning of the Access Control Services Act or unsolicited mass mailings (so-called “spam”) to Mootverse for any reasons at all.
The above applies in particular to the comments, contributions and media posted within the framework of Mootverse community.

9. Deletion of contributions
Mootverse and its administrators are entitled to delete user content at their sole discretion. Regardless of the aforementioned right, Mootverse will remove content that violates any of the regulations guiding the platform.

10. Rights to the content provided by Mootverse
The content provided by Mootverse on the platform is protected by copyright or ancillary copyright. Reproduction, public reproduction or other use or exploitation of such protected content is prohibited without the consent of the respective rights holder. The users may only access, save and print out the content for private use, provided that this is neither directly nor indirectly for commercial purposes.
Reading, storing or forwarding personal data of other users for purposes other than the intended use of the offer is prohibited. As a matter of principle, users treat information about other users and communication content that become known to them confidentially, unless this has been published by the authorized person himself.

11. Extrajudicial settlement of disputes
Mootverse does not participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

12. Product recommendations on the Mootverse Community
In Mootverse.com book digest section, there may be so-called affiliate links that refer to an independently selected and editorial-based product. If a user clicks on such a link and orders a product, the publisher becomes a percentage of the turnover achieved. A contractual relationship may only be established with this.

13. Final provisions
Notices from Mootverse to the user are sent by email.
Mootverse is entitled to transfer all or part of the provision of all services to third parties at any time.
The jurisdiction of assessment is agreed for users who are business people. This responsibility also applies to non-merchants, provided that it can be agreed in accordance with the Mootverse Code of Conduct. Subsidiary agreements, changes or additions to these terms and conditions must be in writing to be effective. The cancellation of the written form requirement also requires the written form to be effective. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, the validity of the contract as a whole is not affected.

Special Terms of Use for the Mootverse Community

• Scope
Registered users of the Mootverse platform can upload private pictures after additional registration as a user of the view community within the scope of the storage capacity allocated by Mootverse, create profiles, rate the photos of other users and exchange ideas with other users.

For the use of this offer, the general terms and conditions of Mootverse apply, and in addition the following provisions. If these contain more specific regulations, they take precedence over the general terms and conditions.

• License agreement
To use the offers of the Mootverse community, it is necessary to conclude an additional contract for the use of the community. This comes about through the user’s application for registration for the community and the registration by Mootverse The registration to the community will be communicated to the user on the corresponding confirmation page. With his application, the user expressly acknowledges the validity of the terms and conditions and these special terms of use as the basis of the user contract.

• Granting of rights
The user grants Mootverse the rights to all photos, texts and other content uploaded to the community free of charge to save the content in terms of time, content and location without restriction, as part of the respective offer of community and all of Mootverse or the publishing group Mootverse offers operated as well as partner offers and social networks (Facebook, Twitter and others) free of charge, available for editing, saving and printing and offering them to use in online, print, radio and other media and for editorial linking. The aforementioned rights remain with Mootverse and the named users for an unlimited period even after termination of the license agreement.